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Quadrille in the News

February, 3rd , 2011


Quadrille demonstrates QuadriCast end to end push VOD solution at CABSAT Dubaï - WTC


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February, 2nd, 2011, 


Quadrille present their end to end push VOD solution QuadriCast, at the CABSAT Dubaï - WTC


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February, 2nd, 2011


Presentation of the QuadriCast end to end push VOD solution at the CABSAT Dubaï - WATC


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February, 2nd, 2011 


Presentation of Quadrille's end to end push VOD solution QuadriCast, during the CABSAT at Dubaï. 


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French News

February, 08th, 2011 


OSEO support Quadrille  in his development. 


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September, 9th, 2010


Quadrille raises 1,5 million Euros to develop the "Push VOD" at the international level.


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June, 10th, 2010


Quadrille offers video on demand (VOD) service for all


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April, 28th, 2010


TDF trial of push VOD over French DTT network.


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April, 21st, 2010


Video on demand (VOD) and catch up TV on DTT : it works !


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March, 12th, 2010


VOD soon liberated of the internet


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 January, 12th, 2010


PUSH VOD : Experiment over DTT


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