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Quadrille is attending the Cabsat exhibition in Dubai March 12 / 14th.

You have push VOD projects or need to broadcast OTT live channels. Please book your meeting with us by sending an email at

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Quadrille is attending the CSTB exhibition in Moscow this year as of January 29th.

Share together your push VOD projects or your need to broadcast OTT live channels. Please book immediately your meeting with us by sending an email at

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AfricaCom is confirming big time the trend in the market that non-linear is becoming the king of contents. November 2018

People want simply to watch what they want when they want and moreover where they want thus explaining why Netflix is soaring significantly. Let's also not underestimate TV lives but nowadays probably only for sports, news or political meeting events. Linear Lives during hours don't make anymore sense only live events do then all the rest has to be consumed in a non-linear mode.

Logo Quadrille sur Afrique

Quadrille non-linear and live OTT solutions validated with enthusiasm at iD18 and AfricaCom. November 2018

Quadrille the disruptive solution for next generation streaming services over satellite, terrestrial or cable is very glad and thankful for the meetings done in November at iD18 and AfricaCom, with its partners customers and prospects.

image iD18

Meet Quadrille at SES industry Days, Cape Town November 2018

At SES Industry Days18, 11am, listen to Quadrille CEO,
Xavier Battas, who will explain how to leverage your satellite services with multiscreen valuable contents.
Offer on any kind of devices to your subscribers smart services such as VOD, Live Event with replay, Startover, addressable TV,
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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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See Quadrille at Africa Com, Cape Town November 2018

Discover with Quadrille the disruptive solutions for next generation streaming services and share with us the satellite challenges and the new user experience in Africa.
Please to book a meeting, do call Philippe Lerer at + or send an email at

IBC 2018

Thanks to you for the quality of the different meetings we had during IBC 2018

Once again this year, Quadrille team has been working non stop during IBC 2018. Even if QuadriFast™ is now becoming a real standard to push non-linear contents over broadcast this year QuadriLive™ was the real star for multi-screen lives on mobile devices. We want also here in this newsletter to thank our customers, Satellite operators, Broadcasters, Military entities, Maritime and Airline solution providers for their confidence in Quadrille technologies.