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Pay Tv

Pay TV operators have to deliver consistent, quality content and services to all of their subscribers who have varying degrees of connectivity. With the Quadrille Solution, no matter the level of connectivity, users can enjoy the same experience.

For users, this means

Access to OTT content (Live Channels, Live Events and VOD)

Access to non linear content even without internet connection (VOD, Ads, replays, music,podcasts, games, Newspapers, Manuals, etc.)

Enjoying a personalized and a smart targeted experience

Enhanced EPG with teasers & trailers

Getting rid of any network congestion and slow down

Immediate accesses and perfect viewing quality

For Operators, this means

Providing a consistent solution for all your customers even the non-connected ones

Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction

Monetizing immediately with Ads

Targeting Ads and Filtered Content to Users based on Profile

Customize your offer to answer your subscribers preferences

Offering compatibility on legacy STBs with OTA middleware deployment

Tuning the existing bandwidth by sending content according to availability

Increasing the ARPU



Connecting users to content when the coverage area is constantly changing can present many logistical obstacles. No matter if users are on planes, boats, buses, or automobiles, the Quadrille solution delivers content over any network, satellite or DTT, without the problem of service interruptions or downgrade in quality.

For Users, this means

Access to live content, live events, movies, series, music, games, podcasts, newspapers, etc.

Connection through WIFI without requiring personal data plan

Use of personal smart device for greater quality and sound


For Transportation companies, this means

Creating a personalized entertainment experience for passengers and crew members

Targeting Ads and content based on a user’s interests

Stitching Ads during live broadcasts, like sporting events or concerts.

Benefiting from Ad-based monetization


and for Integrators, this means

Leveraging existing infrastructure to add new services

Using one-way links or VSAT modem

Or edge concepts to interconnect and distribute content



The ongoing global health crisis caused by Coronavirus has upended traditional learning models. Schools are deploying various stop-gap solutions like, distance-learning, partial school weeks, or closing schools all together. These measures assume that all students and teachers are connected equally, but we know this is far from reality. As schools and universities shift to on-line learning, students without internet connections are simply left behind.

Quadrille's solution is designed to deliver a high-quality seamless experience. Within proximity of the receiver, students and teachers simply open the designated app or webpage on a smart device and access materials, stream video and audio, or download content to-go. Best of all, none of this requires a return signal for the receiver or the user.



Quadrille's software solution delivers content to troops, their families and aid workers wherever they are stationed.

Granting access to instructional videos, maps, confidential documents, emergency messages, VOD, music, pictures, and more. For the Armies being able to send any type of content and moreover the filtering at the reception make Quadrille unique for this peculiar context.



Entertainment is a vital part of the experience in most hospitality enterprises. With the Quadrille solution, hospitality enterprises such as Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Churches, Retirement Homes, and Prisons, can enhance profitability by creating new entertainment services, or improve efficiency with you our edge-caching technology.

For guests, this means

Having a variety of entertainment options at their fingertips, including: Movies, video clips, music, live news, live events, newspapers, and books.

Accessing local and international information

Getting easy access without using personal data plan


For Hospitality companies, this means

Monetizable short-term subscription model to increase revenue

A personalized and dedicated entertainment experience for guests

Ad-based revenue

Targeting Ads and content based on a user’s interests

Ad stitching during live broadcasts, like sporting events or concerts.

Marketing for services or affiliated attractions



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For Quadrille, it means making sure content is sent and stored locally close to the user in: Set-top Box, Wifi Hotspot, Server, Edge… QuadriFast™ can dynamically manage the distribution, update and removal of contents in partners’ receiver. Like Satellite TVs or DTTs are using QuadriFast™ to offer videoservices or non-linear content to their subscribers.



QuadriLive™ for streaming video such as HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming for Live content or not. QuadriLive™ ingests and sends live channels dedicated for Smartphones, tablets and PCs.No necessary need of return path with QuadriLive™.

360 OTT Delivery

360 OTT Delivery™

To offer an end-to-end OTT streaming service over broadcast and broadband called 36OTT Delivery Quadrille has put in place a suite of solutions and products call TS360 product suite. From encoding, ingestion, and broadcast to caching, distribution and analytics, the TS360 product suite is designed to deliver a complete, cost-effective, and efficient multi-screen user experience. The TS360 product suite brings a one-stop-shop service that delivers Live streams and on-Demand content to any device (PC, tablet, smartphone, or TV) using all types of networks, including satellite and 5G.

Consulting Services

Quadrille help you deliver an agile and successful end-to-end solution and in all the different phases of a project namely, designs, developments, tests and validations.We offers consulting advice and expertise to organizations in the Broadcast, Telecommunication and Network domains to help them improve their business performance in terms of operational structure and strategy. Quadrille value-added expertise covers, Broadcast Engineering, Embedded/Real Time Systems, STBs Tests and Validation, System Integration and Technical Project Management. By leveraging our expertise, companies can optimize their growth.


What We Do

Quadrille is an Independent Software Vendor and the Leader in delivering Content Over The Air or any compatible Multicast IP network. Quadrille is a member of the DVB Consortium and HbbTV and is committed to delivering a solution that is fully compliant to their specifications. Quadrille’s innovative push technology answers real life needs in Media, Entertainment, Transportation, Public and Military infrastructures. The modular file transfer solutions QuadriFastTM & QuadriLiveTM enable the multicast delivery of any content (VOD, Catch-up, live TV, Live Events, manuals, Firmware, Music, Games, files etc.) including OTT MABR on any device, anywhere in the world. The optimal use of the bandwidth ensures end-to-end service and lower costs. Quadrille is now a strategic partner for brands such as Reliance JIO, Canal+, Marlink, SES, Thales, Hispasat.

Green Tech

Quadrille “Green” Delivery Platform for Files and Video namely QuadriFast™ and QuadriLive™ is the Quadrille’s commitment to Environmental Technologies for helping operators reduce their carbon footprint and meet their sustainability goals. Quadrille solutions aim to reduce adverse effects on the environment by working with hardware manufacturers and network operators to develop the most eco-concious solution possible. These efforts include reducing hardware requirements, maximizing bandwidth usage, and increasing workflow efficiencies.
These efforts are meant to highlight the growing importance of protecting the environment and reducing climate change, and we will continue to work with operators to implement more sustainable solutions wherever possible.


Supporting a dynamic eco-system is integral to Quadrille's solution. As a result of various successful project launches, Quadrille has established important partnerships that make building a custom solution easier for our clients. Our solution is completely compatible with all CAS/DRM vendors and can be installed easily on your Infrastructure.
Quadrille works in different verticals like Pay TV, Transportation, Hospitality, Hot Spot Wifi, Education and Armies and for each of them strong relationships with major suppliers are established.
Quadrille is a well-regarded player in the Content Delivery sector and works with prestigious customers globally. Its leading position in the market convinced investors to contribute to the company’s capital.