Software Solutions for Content Delivery Over Broadcast Networks

We develop software solutions to enable the multicast of OTT and file content over any broadcast network onto any device on the edge.
Quadrille offers sustainable and green solution for operators looking to provide a high-quality user experience with must-have content at an efficient cost.
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Our vision is to deliver content over a broadcast network to increase the reach of content, optimize costs, offer a better quality-of-experience, reduce the carbon impact of TV usage.

Our story

Quadrille is a leader in delivering content over-the-air on any compatible multicast network. As a member of the DVB Consortium and HbbTV, Quadrille is committed to building compliance with their standards, including building innovative technology that answers real-life needs in Media, Entertainment, Transportation, and Public and Military infrastructures.
Why Choose Us

We can transform the world together

Deliver Content Seamlessly to Our Viewers


  •  Non-linear video content, replays, newspapers, games, PDF, music, and advertisements
  •  High-quality OTT content, available immediately on any smart device via WI-FI
  •  Targeted content (VOD & Advertising)
  •  Reliable content delivery
  •  Compatible with any broadcast network satellite terrestrial, IP multicast, and 5G
  • Low Latency
  • Bandwidth cost optimization
  •  Reduced hardware investment
  •  Increased user volume
  •  Additional revenue streams for On-Demand Content
  • Targeted Advertising
  • Bandwidth Optimization
  • Multicast the most popular content
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Provide passengers with OTT and On-demand content while onboard (airplanes, ships, trains, and buses)
  • Deliver content over Satellite with bandwidth optimization using multicast
  • Generate revenue from Ads
  • Ensure access to quality educational content and materials regardless of internet connection
  • Connect students in remote locations
  • Securely deliver Live, OTT, On-demand content, and confidential information to troops on bases
  • Keep refugees updated on Live events and emergency messages when the internet is down
  • Make content available in the most rural areas

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